Mailgun Service

Mailgun is the cloud based Email Service, most often recommended solution to be used with Discourse. Given the importance of rock solid communications between Discourse Discussion Platform participants, is paramount, anyone who is not fully aware if this issue is recommended to grab a copy of the Email Reputation Guide.

This section describes all actions needed to create, provision, and verify the Mailgun domain, that will be used by the Discourse server to communicate with Discourse users. As the last action in thos section, we also show how to validate the Mailgun's correct functioning in this role.

1. Domain Creation

    This section describes the two intial steps - create the new domain at your domain provider of choice ( in this blog) and initiate the first step of domain provisioning on Mailgun, as described in the next task below.

2. Domain provisioning - Mailgun

    This section describes the actions the actions taken using Mailgun dashboard, as shown in the step 2 in Domain Creation section above.

3. Domain provisioning -

    This section describes the finishing actions taken at, using the information provided in Domain provisioning - Mailgun article.

4. Domain verification

    This section describes the process of Domain verification, as explained in this article.

5. Email validation

    This section describes the process of sending an initial test email, by using a small NodeJS application using the Mailgun API.

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