Global workflow

This section defines the task at hand at a very high level and relates other sections to this definition


The "task at hand" is to deploy the Discourse application at DogitalOcean using Mailgun email service based notifications. This is a relatively complicated application provisioning and deployment task, with many "moving pieces" involving the proper orchestration of three independent cloud providers. This section describes the work that needs to be done, from a very high viewpoint, providing the needed references to related sections with all needed details.


A - Start with the provisioning of the Mailgun service, which has the following subtasks:

  1. Domain Creation This task consists of creation of the domain (the name is the acronym created from two first letters of DIscourse, DigitalOcean, MailGun) at your domain name registrar of choice (Namecheap in this blog)

  2. Domain provisioning Having a new domain created, add it to Mailgun service, get the information about domain records that Mailgun requires and use your domain registrar's DNS management service to set these DNS records.

  3. Domain verification Verify the just provisioned domain (2. above).

  4. Email validation Once the domain is verified (3. above), we proceed validating its ability to send and receive email.

B - Continue with DigitalOcean]( host provisioning:

  1. Droplet creation

C - Last step is Discourse service deployment:

  1. Service installation

  2. Service configuration

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