Mailgun Service | Email validation

Receiving email

The description of Discourse service installation ends in the situation where Discourse service prompts for the definition of the Discourse Administrator account:

Image 1 - define the Discourse admin account

Before we define and set this Admin account, we need to verify that our Mailgun setup functions correctly in the other direction - inbound email. Note that the click on the Register button will result with Discourse sending the email to just defined Admin email account ([email protected] in our case).

Verification of the Mailgun setup for inbound email consists of two steps:

Step 1 - create and test the email route

We created the route which checks of the email recipient is [email protected] and forwards it to [email protected]

Image 2 - define the route

The test confirms that the email sent to [email protected] would be forwarded to [email protected]

Image 3 - test the route

Step 2 - send an actual email using this route

This is simply done using my "normal" email account



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