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Domain provisioning - Mailgun

Note: this section continues with the description of the tasks indicated on the screenshot below, created at the end of the previous page.

  1. Adding the new domain

    Image 1 - adding the custom domain to Mailgun service

  2. Click on the "Add Domain" button (green marker 2), results with the creation of the information about this newly created domain

    Image 2 - Domain information

  3. Lastly, I am also adding the additional SMTP user - [email protected] to be used in most outgoing emails created by the Discourse server. Unlike Image 1 and Image 2, this screenshot is created as a of provisioning by Mailgun.


The verification of these settings can take place up to 48 hours after the domain is provisioned. Check the Domain verification page for final information, which will appear as shown on Image 2 above). In particular, all the DNS records of interest to Mailgun should appear as shown below:

Continue with Domain provisioning -

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